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AnimeNext 2013 and MAGFest 11 Photo Video (With music version)

86 views 7 months ago
My video of photos I took at MAGFest 11 and AnimeNext 2013. Didn't take enough photos to have both by themselves so decide to combine them. Thanks to cosplayers and staff from both.
Re releasing this music just to try it one more time with it. Also I thought I do with MAGFest 11 coming up in january. This video dedicated to my dad died a few weeks ago. I couldn't have done a lot of this Wrestling, Conventions, etc without him,
Music by (all rights to right holders):
Till The World Ends by Brittany Spears
Because We Can by Bon Jovi
Parallel Days (Instrumental version) by Aya Hirano Show less
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MagFest 11 Play

Videos I took from this years annual Music and Gaming Festival in Maryland.
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