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There Is No One Like You (1995) Original Song

1,841 views 6 months ago
There Is No One Like You (1995) Original Song

I made this song with the idea it would be in a movie as a soundtrack.

This video was produced in 1995 when I first became a Christian and followed various lies and false teachings.

The name of the Messiah isn't Jesus, and the Messiah isn't a white
man with blue eyes, but at that time that is what I believed.

The Messiah is a black man, but this truth is hidden from you. I'm no longer a christian nor do I follow the religion of Christianity.

I stopped being a Christian back in late 2006 when I woke up to the real truth. Yes I follow the bible but I don't follow any christian church or preacher. Yes the bible have a few errors that were planted in there to mislead millions, but if you know how to reed you'll be able to know the truth from the lies.

Im a Hebrew Israelite by Nationality/Blood. The so called Negros are the biblical Israelites but don't know cause they're sleeping in religion.

This music video contain video clips from a christian movie and other clips cause that is what I used back then to express myself.

I already know the Messiah isn't white, and I know his name isn't Jesus, so too all you brothers in the truth, please don't waste your time trying to educate me about something I know. I've been in this truth for years. Just enjoy the music and leave the debate crap at the door cause I have no time for the foolishness.

I'm sharing this song cause it display my talents in music and many will enjoy the song even though I don't subscribe to the name Jesus or a white Messiah.

I made this song from the heart, and I hope people find joy in listening to it.

This VHS video is old. Please forgive the video quality, hiss & pop sounds.

The master audio track is 100% clean 16bit audio with zero hiss.

I used an old VHS copy I had stored away to make this video. If I wanted I could've used fresh new HD clips and other stuff, but I didn't want to mess with the original work of that time.

Also note that all the vocals were performed LIVE for 9+ minutes straight without rest. None of the vocals was edited cause back then I had no computer, software or 8 track recorder. The only thing I had back then was a Korg O1Wfd, a cheap $400 camcorder, 2 VCR/VHS recorders, an FX processor and a mic. That pretty much was my studio gear.

After I made that song I purchased a DAT Recorder to make a master copy and my studio and gear grew over the years, then I replaced stuff and bought new stuff.

If you have a questions about my songs or my beliefs, just ask and be respectful and you'll get a response.

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