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Quintiles 30th Anniversary Video

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We are Quintiles; bold, passionate, risk taking. Game-changers; for 30 years we have shaped an entire industry and grown to more than 24,000 pioneers strong in over 60 countries.

We make a difference. Every day we do work that results in healthier people. Millions of individuals around the world have been impacted by what we do.

We do it by understanding the issues, weighing the risks and making the right choices to increase the our customers' probability of success, every step of the way; by fearlessly embracing change and navigating the complex challenges of the New Health. We do it by making Quintiles We've also worked hard to make Quintiles a Great Place to Work for our people. Because we know patients are counting on us.

You. You make the difference; you and your colleagues around the globe. No other company offers this unique combination of thinking and doing, insight and execution, knowledge and resources.

Global strength with local insight. With offices in 60 countries, Quintiles is based right where our customers need us to be.

And each one contributed and helped pave the way so that by 2010 Quintiles had developed or commercialized all of the top 50 best selling products or compounds and Biotechnology productions or compounds. And, they worked with all of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies and most major biotechnology companies.

1974 - Dennis Gillings and Gary Koch [pronounced Cook], friends and professors at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, started small, working with a dedicated group of part time employees in a trailer parked in a back lot on campus until signing the first pharmaceutical consulting contract with German company Hoechst.

The 1980's saw a series of "firsts."were groundbreaking on a variety of fronts. Things were changing --IBM introduced the first PC and Motorola introduced the first mobile phone. On the health front, AIDS was identified as a global epidemic, the FDA approved the first monoclonal antibody, and the aging population began to put pressure on society. The world was forced to re evaluate and look at things in a new way.

It was good to be pharma in the 80's. Recognizing that customers had plentiful resources but needed arms and legs to manage more rigorous clinical research and bigger sales forces, a nimble Quintiles was fast moving and grew organically.

The 1990's were a decade of change for the world and for "The Q."

We saw economies boom, the European Union being formed, the introduction of the Euro and the end of the Cold War.

In technology, Microsoft introduced Windows 95. In health, the Human Genome Project was launched, Dolly the sheep ignited worldwide controversy and doctors prescribed the first Alzheimer's drugs and statins.

A forward thinking Quintiles saw that customers needed to manage a surge in NDAs and product launches. They turned to outsourcing in a major way, establishing dedicated purchasing departments. We added regional and functional breadth and depth, taking advantage of this huge opportunity growing organically and with acquisitions of leading players across the clinical and commercial spectrum.

Quintiles is now the largest biopharmaceutical services company in the world. And, by 1999, Quintiles is the 1st company in the industry to reach $1 Billion in Net Revenue
The new millennium brought both a continued economic boom followed by a Global economic bust.

In business, we saw the beginning of the economic power shift with the rise of the BRIC nations.
In this decade we saw the completion of the Human Genome Project, the first cancer vaccine, the first gene therapy and SARS & H1N1 flu spread globally.

And for everyone, no matter where you lived or what you were doing, it was all about technology -- 67% of the world's population were using mobile phones and social media was rising faster than anyone could keep up with, altering our way of doing business and our way of living society forever.

The dawn of the new millennium ushered in enormous pressures for our customers that forever changed the landscape. The promise of scientific breakthroughs was tempered by the looming patent cliff, rising expectations of safety and pricing caps.

Quintiles responded by putting all the pieces together -- Clinical, Commercial, Consulting and Capital -- to help customers navigate the New Health. We created a truly global enterprise, with world-leading technology, therapeutic specialization, scalable processes and a profound commitment to quality.

30 years; a company making a difference, individuals making a difference, you making a difference -- dedicated to improving the lives of others and creating positive changes in the world.

Hard to believe that this is just the beginning. What does our future hold?

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