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Explaining some of the basics of the scientific theory of evolution.

Video index:

0:03 What is evolution (and what is it not)?

0:34 What is a theory in science?

1:14 Genetic inheritance

1:24 Artificial selection and natural selection

2:29 Mutation

2:59 Epigenetic variation

3:16 Genetic drift and the impact of variations

3:58 Evolution is not 'pure accident'

4:41 No 'one size fits all'

5:09 Correcting the one-armed bandit analogy

5:36 Dramatic change one step at a time

6:30 Dogs don't produce cats and individual apes don't morph into humans

6:47 Why there are 'still' apes

7:48 The rise and demise of the crocoduck

8:37 Recognizing reality is not a supremacist policy

9:08 Misrepresentation of evolution

9:51 Evolution as fact and theory

10:01 Why understanding evolution is important

10:20 Scientific inheritance that benefits us all Show less
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