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Angry American Protesters Turn Back DHS Buses Carrying Illegal Immigrants

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illegal immigrants Desert Sun Homeland Security buses

In the video posted by the Desert Sun, protesters are heard advocating for legal immigration done the "right way," instead of breaking federal law and crossing the U.S. border illegally.

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False Flag Events Play

What is a false flag event? False flag events are anything that has been made to look like something that it really isn't. "Your" government can create chaos to create diversions away from what it is "really" doing. This deceit has many other purposes such as excuses for control, to pass very unpopular laws, implement martial law, take attention away from sneaky underhanded deals, to stop or delay an event like an election or sway the voters towards a certain side, to make a government look like they are more in control than they actually are, in short anything that requires desperate measures that can't be solved as usual.
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