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QL is 30 - The Collection (Sinclair QL 30th launch-day anniversary special 2014!)

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On January 12th 1984 Sir Clive Sinclair presented the Sinclair QL Professional Computer in a typical Sinclair-extravaganza type launch event at the Intercontinental Hotel, Hyde Park Corner, London. This was exactly 12 days earlier than Steve Jobs presented the Apple Macintosh. While the Mac did it in the long run and is a mainstream product in the present and future, the QL went into dust. Before leaving the field, the QL inspired many experts and influenced today's products in one way or another. Most prominent example is Linux, where its creator Linus Torvalds was a QL hacker back in the 80s. The QL still is a very good example of an innovative, stylish, powerful but underestimated product. And as you can see in this video the QL had its own extremely unique designed Sinclair ecosystem (sliver labelled black and white CI/CD using the Syntax typeset).

*** QL is 30, let's party! ***
This is an exclusive "QL is 30" release (see http://www.qlis30.org.uk). This movie consists of several independent scenes (intro, scene 1, scene 2, and so forth) - 1st scene is called "The Collection", a launch-day anniversary special published on January 12th 2014 - which will be produced and uploaded during the anniversary year and added to this unique playlist on YouTube. Subscribe to this channel to get notified about new videos. Watch, like, share or comment the videos and do not forget to carefully read the video description as they will lead you to exclusive specials only available through the links in the video descriptions. As the movie will grow during this year, your comments, feedback and other contributions are very important and may give the movie one direction or another. Become part of the "QL is 30" party. QL forever!

Sinclair QL launch invitation fax.
Sinclair QL computer one (early THORN EMI Datatech made D04-001305 UK edition) with Sinclair QL Vision CRT playing the Sinclair Research Ltd 1985 sales demo using the EPROM-board in the expansion port.
Sinclair QL computer two (SAMSUNG made S13-004322 NA edition) spinning around.
Sinclair QL computer three (SAMSUNG made SG18-002321 German edition) with Sinclair QL Vision CRT and Sinclair Floppy Disk playing the COWO Electronic 1986 animation demo using the QTop-Animator program loaded from diskette. This QL is equipped with the Miracle SuperGoldCard (MC68020 CPU, 4MB RAM).
Sinclair QL Printer (Seikosha made 0601902 EU edition).
Sinclair QL User Guide, Technical Guide, Service Manual, CRT Owner's Guide, Printer Manual.
Sinclair QL marketing material (Launch Press Kit, Glossy Brochure, Software Catalogue, QLUB Membership Cards, Magazine Advertisements).
Sinclair QL badged hard- and software retail boxes.
Sinclair QL media (PSION XCHANGE Business Suite Microdrive Cartridge wallets, Utilities Disk 1 diskette, QL is 30 2014 The Distribution DVD-R).
QL-SD internal SDHC Card Interface.
TFT streaming video from the internet.

Scene filmed in one long continuous shot (take 2) on Thursday 2014-01-08 using my Panasonic HC-V727 Camcorder in Full HD format (AVCHD Progessive 1080/50p).

No QLs were harmed in making this film.

Music is track "the British IBM" by the British IBM.

Special thanks to Paul for helping me with the video archives and to Aidy of the British IBM for allowing me to use their great music in my videos.

I created this video with the Microsoft (Windows Live) Movie Maker and the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor).

*** Exclusive specials ***
This video shows - for the first time ever - video footage of the "Sinclair QL Launch Press Kit". This glossy launch press kit was handed out at the launch press conference on January 12th 1984. It has been scanned by former Sinclair employee John Mathieson and was OCRed by Urs König. The 48 pages PDF document is available for download as an exclusive "QL is 30" special re-release. Download link is:

This video also shows - for the first time ever - video footage of the brand-new "QL-SD internal SDHC Card Interface" for QL.

This video also shows - for the first time ever - video footage of the brand-new "QL is 30 2014 The Distribution" QL software and documentation distribution.
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Sir Clive Sinclair - a tribute Play

After a few years of silence Clive Sinclair gets more and more public interest again. After last years rush on Sir Clive (BBC's Micro Men and Electric Dreams programmes), his wedding with a former Lap dancer this spring and the nomination as Information Pioneer in May 2010, the appearance of the recent pop song "Clive Sinclair" by Electric Disorder proves that Sir Clive Sinclair has become a part of Britain's pop culture.

The Sinclair Microdrive Nightmare Play

Following the "Sinclair ZX Spectrum - 30th Birthday Anniversary 2012 - The Movie" and the series of "Sinclair ZX Spectrum 1983 System Test ROM Cartridge" videos I had this intention to produce more videos in that line. Next topic would be the "Sinclair ZX Spectrum 1983 Microdrives in use". I had the plot ready, setup of the scene completed and up we go.

Everything looked so nice and started in peace. But then...

The Microdrive, the ill-fated "mass" storage system invented in 1982/1983 by Sinclair Research Ltd for use with their Sinclair ZX Spectrum and QL and the ICL's OPD personal computers, gave me a nightmare.

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