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Dota 2 Purge plays Slardar

92,798 views 2 weeks ago
Slardar is a great teamfight hero and stunner because of his huge aoe stun thats on a low cooldown, and his general tankiness.

With Sprint recently costing 0 mana, and blink now costing 0 mana, you can pick up a quick treads and blink dagger and make a lot happen on the map. From there pick up a BkB, vanguard, or AC to turn into a teamfight semi carry, and with enough kills you should feel like a full carry.

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Here is a variety of instructional materials that I have made videos about.
Purge casts a Pub! I take a look at pub play and I talk about build inefficiencies, both item and skill, and talk about what I think could be done to improve!
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    Here is another low skilled pub game that I casted. Let me know of any other kind of instructional material you want to see in the future.


Purge Replay Commentaries Play

These are pub games that I commentate after the fact. They generally include a LOT more information and commentary as I don't have to focus on playing or performing. Enjoy the knowledge puke!
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