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Parallax Abstraction

Retro Flashback Plays Tron 2.0 (Part 1)

111 views 2 months ago
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In this series of Retro Flashback Plays, I dig back into Tron 2.0, a fantastic Monolith first-person shooter from 2003 that takes the Tron fiction and ideas and does some pretty incredible things with them. Tron 2.0 was originally recognized by the film's director as the story's official sequel but was abruptly declared non-canon when the franchise was rebooted in 2010. This was a gem of the FPS genre that dared to be different and as is so often the case with such dares, it was not rewarded with good sales and was never continued which is a shame. I think more people should experience this game so come dive into the Game Grid with me!

Tron 2.0 is unfortunately not currently available for digital purchase. While the retail release will work with modern PCs out of the box, I am using an unofficial fan patch and the Killer App Mod to add enhancements such as widescreen support among others. The Killer App Mod and the fan patch are both available from the fantastic Tron 2.0 News site at http://tronfaq.blogspot.ca/....

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Retro Flashback Play

This show is dedicated to showcasing retro video games from all different systems, eras and levels of quality to players both old and new. It involves me playing different retro games, talking about their design, what makes them good (or bad) as well as some of their history and that of the developers and what relevance to modern games they may have. Occasionally, I will also cover modern remakes of older retro titles or modern games with retro inspired design in episodes called Retro Flashforward which has its own dedicated playlist as well. Whether you're already into retro games or just want to see some of the history of video games, there's something for everyone!

Geek Bravado Ramble Play

These videos are VLOGs of sorts, giving a verbalization to the thought process I go through when writing certain posts for my Geek Bravado blog. I don't pre-plan my blog posts beyond thinking about them in my own head and for certain posts, I find it helps to speak out my train of thought, both to figure out what I want to write and to also expand on points that are too long to put in the blog but which people might be interested in hearing in their entirety.

These videos won't be a regular thing and I will only be making them for certain blog entries. They aren't necessary to watch in order to appreciate the blog posts they are companions for. They will often be long, verbose and rambly and I probably will repeat myself several times. That's the point and they definitely aren't for everyone but I'm trying this to see if I can improve my craft, both spoken and written.
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