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Advancing Transformational Science and Technology

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At the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, we're moving the boundaries of science through our interdisciplinary approach to solving challenges in energy and the environment, national security and fundamental sciences. It's these advancements today that will bring about big changes for tomorrow—in our nation and in the world.

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National Security Play

Our researchers within National Security at PNNL focus on delivering high-impact, science-based, practical solutions to prevent and counter acts of terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. We are committed to making our world safe and more secure.

Energy Play

At PNNL, we believe that greater energy efficiency, improved technologies for enabling renewables, such as wind, water, solar, and biomass, and new vehicle technology, including storage systems for electric vehicles, can lead to timely solutions to our nation's energy challenges. We are a team of materials scientists, economists, analysts, and engineers, who are finding more efficient ways to use energy resources in transportation, buildings, and industry, and advancing clean, renewable energy.

Computational Sciences Play

The Computational Sciences & Mathematics Division focuses on merging high-performance computing with data-centric analysis capabilities to solve significant problems in energy, the environment, and national security. PNNL has made scientific breakthroughs and advanced frontiers in high-performance computer science, computational biology and bioinformatics, subsurface simulation modeling, and multiscale mathematics.
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