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Oort Kuiper

  • The Doctor Rap

    Doctor Who Rap to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. Wanted to get it published for the 23rd.....Managed to get it up at 23:59 on November 23rd 2013. Now that's cutting it close! But ...
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  • Sound Technology Rap (The basics of digital music)

    Get in touch @Oortkuiper

    Get familiar with some of the features of modern music making in this Sound Technology Rap commissioned by Reid's Digital Music.

    Animation by Matt Goodfellow

    Music by A...
  • RimstarOrg

    • 154 videos
    An addiction to science, electronics, solar, making stuff, understanding how things work, and passing it all on to you...
    Videos are released weekly, except when more time is needed to get the desired
  • New rap about Exam Revision Skills!! Contains tips and things to consider when undertaking revision and exams at school.

    How to pass exams! (Revision Skills Rap)

    This video was commissioned by the First Campus Reaching Wider partnership to support The STEM R • A • P Tour: Revise • Aspire • Perform.

    The Tour is designed to give pupils the tools, techniques ...
  • Mission X Rap

    This rap was produced for the Mission X: Train like an astronaut project. Get in touch @Oortkuiper

    Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut is an international educational challenge focusing on fitness ...
  • Coma Niddy

    • 76 videos
    I'm Coma Niddy. I make videos that educate and entertain. Join me every other Monday for science raps, comedy, and more!
  • Biodun Onipede

    • 40 videos
  • Head Squeeze

    • 395 videos
    Head Squeeze is where we answer YOUR curious questions about science in the world around you. You can leave your brain teasers, conundrums, and puzzles under our videos or over on our G+ Community 'He

    • 97 videos
    Your weekly dose of fun and interesting science.

    Created by:

    Mitchell Moffit (@mitchellmoffit)
    Gregory Brown (@whalewatchmeplz)

  • CrashCourse

    • 267 videos
    Six awesome courses in one awesome channel: John Green teaches you US History and Hank Green teaches you Chemistry. Check out the playlists for past courses in World History, Biology, Literature, and
  • MinuteEarth

    • 40 videos
    Science and stories about our awesome planet!
    Created by Henry Reich, with Alex Reich, Peter Reich, Emily Elert, Ever Salazar, and Kate Yoshida. Music by Nathaniel Schroeder.
    "When we try to pick out
  • MinutePhysics

    • 132 videos
    Simply put: cool physics and other sweet science.

    "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."
    ~Rutherford via Einstein? (wikiquote)

    Created by Henry Reich
  • Vi Hart

    • 82 videos
    Vi Hart likes triangles! AND APPLES!

    If you like my videos, you MIGHT like my personal website: vihart.com

    (also on my website you can download videos via torrent)

    Secret channel: http://www.youtub
  • Veritasium

    • 161 videos
    The science video blog from atoms to astrophysics!

    Contact:veritasium -(at)- gmail .(dot). com
  • Vsauce

    • 298 videos
    Our World is Amazing.

    Subscribe for Mind-Blowing Facts & The Best of the Internet

    Questions? Ideas? Tweet me: http://www.twitter.com/tweetsauce

    Business + Press Inquiries: michael [at] vsauce [dot
  • Sixty Symbols

    • 241 videos
    Cool videos about physics and astronomy.
  • SmarterEveryDay

    • 201 videos
    I explore the world using science. That's pretty much all there is to it. Watch 2 videos. If you learn something AWESOME, subscribe.
  • CGP Grey

    • 73 videos
    Complex things explained.
  • truthorfail

    • 93 videos
    It's very simple: we tell you two facts - you choose the Truth, or you Fail!
  • Numberphile

    • 229 videos
    Videos about numbers - it's that simple. Videos by Brady Haran
  • DeepSkyVideos

    • 96 videos
    Exploring deep space - one video at a time. Including videos about the famous Messier Catalogue and access to world-class telescopes. Videos by Brady Haran.
  • vlogbrothers

    • 1,263 videos
    Raising nerdy to the power of awesome.
  • Rhysij

    • 13 videos
  • EducationCommonsRW's channel

    • 314 videos
  • Fossil Rock Anthem

    Explain/annotate the lyrics on rap genius: http://rapgenius.com/Tom-mcfadden-fossil-rock-anthem-lyrics

    The song parodies "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO. The instrumental was made by DJ Lisan (www.so...
  • "Covalent Love" in the studio

    James Mustapic, winner of Science Idol 2012, performs "Covalent Love" at the Otago Music Department's Albany Street music studio.

    There will be a full music video dropping in August so stay tuned!...
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  • AbGradCon09

    Get in touch @Oortkuiper

    NB. Raps Start @ 3:39 - 5:17 - 6:39 - 8:47 - 10:32

    After the Astrobiology Rap comes AbGradCon (Astrobiology Graduate Conference) which happens practically every year. ...
  • S.T.E.M Rap

    A science rap video commissioned by The National HE STEM Programme (www.hestem.ac.uk) to help raise awareness of careers options surrounding Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (S.T.E....
  • Science Idol 2012 - Introduction

    The competition has completed. You can see the finalists and winners here: http://www.scifest.org.nz/competitions/science-idol-2012/...

    Science Idol is a chance for students...
  • Mr. Lee's Science Rap Channel

    • 12 videos
    I made these songs when I was teaching middle school to make science a little more interesting. I also found them to be a good learning resource for many students. All of the songs use instrumentals a
  • The Periodic Table (Rapping the elements!)

    Get in touch @Oortkuiper

    Many people have heard of Tom Lehrer's 'The Elements' song. One day I decided to search for it online to memorise some stuff about the elements and found out that Daniel...
  • Oracy | Street Deciplez

    Oracy Makes Her Debut On Street Deciplez And Drops
    Us Something Fresh After We Shot Her Street Video
    To Hear More From Us Both Add Us On Twitter Now
  • Hip-Hop-a-Propolis (with lyrics)

    My submission for the 2011 Comvita Science Video Challenge.
  • Reid's Digital Music Sound Technology Rap

    Sound technology Rap from Reid's Digital Music. Lyrics by Oort Kuiper, music by Alastair Reid and Risk1 and animation by Matt Goodfellow.
  • Dub Mafia 'Under The Radar' (BBC Session)

    • by BD
    • 3 years ago
    For more information on Dub Mafia please visit
    To purchase music by Dub Mafia click here,
    For more info on bd films visit
  • Dub Mafia 'Breakneck'

    • by BD
    • 4 years ago
    For more information on Dub Mafia please visit
    To purchase music by Dub Mafia click here,
    For more info on bd films visit
  • LIfe - An Autobiography (Biodiversity Rap)

    Get in touch on Twitter @Oortkuiper for transcript of lyrics (Too long to fit here!)

    This rap was written for Pecha Kucha Night (PKN) Cardiff; bearing in mind that this year (2010) is the Internat...
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  • Astrobiology (UDub Version) - Featuring the Abgrads

    Get in touch @Oortkuiper!

    The Astrobiology graduate conference (Abgradcon) happens every year, and I was there in 2009 at The University of Washington (UDub) in Seattle. (This year it's in Sweden...
  • Performance Feedback Revision - Hammersmith Apollo

    Baba Brinkman's freestyle rap "Performance, Feedback, Revision" from "The Rap Guide to Evolution', live in front of 3,500 people at Robin Ince's "9 Lessons and Carols for Godless People" comedy var...
  • A Better View (Science song)

    A science rap about the world revealed through science and technology. It starts in outer space with the birth of the universe, then comes down to Earth before describing some things we have learn...
  • From Sun to Oort: A solar photon's journey

    A short rap about the journey of light as it leaves the Sun on its way out of the Solar System to the cold empty regions of space; the interstellar freezer between the stars. The rap also gives in...
  • Precipitation

    Science rap about precipitation AKA Water falling out the sky in its different forms.

    Inspired by a question, "What causes the difference between rainfall and snowfall?". I hope this can help you...
  • Black Scientists - To Be Mentioned

    Throughout history there has been people who think beyond their surroundings. They strive for more, and what they learn on the way is sometimes passed on for the benefits of others.

    We're all ...
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