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One Minute Bunkai: Seisan Bunkai no Kata (two-man form)

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One Minute Bunkai: This two-man form was designed to provide a formal exercise to learn and practice a sampling of the bunkai in the Matsumura Seisan kata. it was designed to be performed in similar fashion to the Classical Katas of Judo. These applications are all for close-quarter fighting therefore you will see striking, locking, controlling and techniques. Atemi (strikes) are used to distract and weaken the opponent before using the locking and controlling.

The final part is Nage Waza or throwing techniques, a simple way to describe any bunkai is to:
1) Strike your opponent
2) Lock and control (break and/or tear) and
3) Take down or violently throw.

These can all be done individually, and in no particular order. These are but a few options and therefore important to keep an open mind and never think you have all the answers. Once these concepts/principles are mastered it is up to you to continue to explore and discover other applications for there is no limit to the creative potential of the human mind. Show less
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