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Introduction to Omobono

64 views 5 months ago
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B2B Social Media Marketing Play

Social media has arrived, but how are B2B marketers responding to it?

Omobono reveal the results of recent research exploring the current state of social media marketing within financial services as well as share some best practice examples of business to business brands using social media, explore why it works and -- most importantly -- what can work for your business.

Enterprise Relationship Management Play

Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM) helps global organisations gain value from their business relationships by examining the ways they interact with their customers, partners and staff; and how that is measured to help achieve organisational goals, deliver to customers and create mutual value.

At Omobono, we look largely at the contribution online technologies can play, and how companies can maximise value from the infrastructure put in place over the past 5 -- 10 years.

By exploring alternative approaches to improving B2B marketing effectiveness, ERM enables us to think about marketing differently, to put it back to its original place; where marketing has a meaning and purpose beyond communication and becomes a business essential, not a business expense.

Our Favourite Relationships Play

Relationships drive business. We drive relationships.

Relationships are everywhere - relationships with our family, our pets, our boss, our co-workers, our friends...the list goes on.

This is a collection of the best classic relationships in film and television, as chosen by the team at Omobono.
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