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The Bike Whisperer of Halfords - It's a boy

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The Bike Whisperer of Halfords Play

Have you ever seen a grown bike cry? The Bike Whisperer has, and it changed his life forever. Take a look at his story, partner.

Tour de Facts Play

Puzzled by the peloton? Not sure who gets to be crowned King of the Mountain? Then you need to check out Tour de Facts - the ultimate guide to the Tour de France. See the stages, learn the lingo and discover everything you need to know about the world's greatest multi-stage bike race.

Carrera TDF Play

With eye catching design, the TDF range doesn't only look good, it performs well too. Check out the TDF in action.

Get the most out of your camping trips with Halfords Play

Check out our helpful guides and make sure you are ready for the Great Outdoors.
Discover the must have kit for Festivals or Family trips and find the right tent for your needs with our brilliant video reviews.

Helping you with our Halfords Cycling Tips Play

We're here to assist you to get the most out of your bike this winter, so be sure to subscribe to our series of helpful videos to be the first to see each new release!

The Boardman 2014 Range - Exclusively at Halfords Play

The 2014 Boardman bike range is exciting and varied. With some massive improvements in not only the design of the bikes, but also the technology that goes into them.

Boardman Bikes have a reputation that speaks for itself. With Olympic, World, European and National Championship titles won across the board on their top-quality bikes, it really is a brand for all cycling enthusiasts to aspire to.

Mongoose Play

Forty years of dirt, trail, and ramp riding have made Mongoose one of the most authentic brands out there.

Street, city, trails and dirt - the Mongoose range at Halfords has it all. Urban bikes for city slickers, mountain bikes for hurtling down trails, and scooters for stunts and tricks, Mongoose design and build everything with riders in mind.
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