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Zero Runner World Premier Boston

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The Zero Runner by Octane Fitness is the first of it's kind - a Zero-Impact Running experience. The Zero Runner is for people who want to fuel their addiction, dedication, and performance in an era when smarter training unlocks lifelong running potential.

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Home Elliptical Machines Play

If you're looking for the best home elliptical machine look no further than Octane Fitness. This playlist features all our award-winning ellipticals and walks you through the main features and product information of each elliptical machine. Learn why Octane Fitness has won over 60 awards for their top of the line elliptical machines today!
If you own an Octane for the home and want to learn more about your elliptical machine and its capabilities, you can check out these videos or visit the archive for videos referring to previous models. Stay fueled.

Zero Runner Play

Running isn't just a hobby for us...it's a way of life, a must-have, a non-negotiable. Like you, we love to run. And despite the early mornings, unforgiving conditions and aching muscles, we keep coming back. Quitting is not an option.

Compelled by the freedom of movement, the inspiration of the body's capabilities and the need to push limits, we runners are dedicated and determined. Some may call that addicted. Born of this relentless drive, along with the passion to fuel our addiction for a lifetime, the Zero Runner delivers a totally new way to train smarter...not harder. Because running is hard enough.

A breakthrough in fitness equipment, and 20 years in the making, the Zero Runner lets you run without any impact to the body. It's all gain with no pain. More endorphins, less ibuprofen. Our resolute commitment is to equip you to strive for greater performance. Because really, for runners, there is no finish line.

Now you can run for the rest of your life. Zero Runner.

Commercial Elliptical Machines Play

This playlist is for club owners, personal trainers and members so you can learn more about how to get the most out of your cardio workout with the Octane Fitness elliptical. Learn why Octane Fitness ellipticals are rated #1 by health club members year after year. Octane has perfected the standing elliptical, created a category of recumbent ellipticals that offer an upper-body workout option, created strength infused cardio in one location with CROSS CiRCUIT and now is moving users in a new direction with the innovative LateralX.

Advanced Training Programs - Octane Elliptical Machines Play

Only Octane offers unique advanced training programs that help push your workout to the next level. Octane elliptical machines offer customizable heart rate programs, advanced interval training with the 30:30 program and MMA style fighting workouts all on one machine. This playlist helps you learn how to use the programs so you can continue to advance your training!

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Visit www.octanefitness.com for all things fueled. Best home elliptical machines and elliptical machine reviews. Also on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. xRide, Q-Series, LateralX, and Pro- Series Ellipticals Trademarks of Octane Fitness. Keep up on all things Octane. Check out what makes Octane better than other elliptical companies. Learn more about our history, innovative products and how it can help fuel your life!
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