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Nuance Enterprise

Nina Web - A More Human Digital Experience

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Nina Web is an intelligent virtual assistant that delivers a personalized and effortless experience on your website.

Whether it's helping your customers place an order, answer questions or personalize their experience, Nina transforms how your customers interact with your organization.

Nina Web engages with your customers conversationally as a human employee would, yet with efficiency and consistency, delivering a better customer experience while reducing operational costs and increasing revenue opportunities.

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Nina Play

Nina delivers an unprecedented mobile and web experience by delivering an intelligent and human experience to mobile apps and websites. Whether your customers need to pay a bill, change or add service or simply get a question answered, Nina can facilitate these tasks in a fully automated fashion yet in a conversational experience. Nina is ideal for any organization looking to significantly improve their mobile and web experiences, reduce operating costs and increase shopping cart value and conversions. Learn more about Nina here: http://www.nuance.com/meet-nina

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