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DJ Ten - Retrological 2.0 [Full Album]

16,839 views 1 month ago
Wonderful work!


Track listings (*iTunes Version)

1. Ceremony IV 0:00
2. NightWolf (feat. Keith Masters) 1:49
3. Satin Groove (feat. Dana Jean Phoenix & Money Marley) 6:57
4. Chrome Lust (feat. The Boy & Sister Alma) 11:03
5. iLLume 15:45
6. Show Me The Night (feat. Dead Astronauts) 20:04
7. The Inner Voice (feat. Trevor Something) 24:37
8. Mask of Thelema XVI 29:55
9. Noiron (feat. Blokkmonsta & Scarlet Weapon) 32:17
10. Tironium 36:17
11. S.L.a.V.E.S 40:15 (repeats twice!!!)
12. Thrice (feat. Leiah Nicole & Frankie Delaska) 48:16
13. Ink & Blood (feat. Rio Nova) 52:16
14. Skynet Rises 2014 55:55
15. Coda: 1:8 - XVII 1:00:14
16. The Inner Voice (Compilerbau Remix) [Bonus] 1:06:23
17. Choppanegger Returns (Bonus) 1:11:26

Retrological 2.0 is OUT NOW!

iTunes Version - http://goo.gl/WsZNKo

Stream it Here

Available for streaming and downloads on Bandcamp.

Listen/ Buy the album here: goo.gl/qwvrxq

Retrological 2.0 will be in all good online retailers on May 27th.

Artwork by Fab Ciraolo

- Visit http://www.newretrowave.com/ and live your retro dreams. Show less
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released 29 October 2013
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Inside sleeve art by

SBJKT - www.facebook.com/SBJKTDesign
Lemor Charles - atomikfactory.blogspot.fr

The featured album art was designed by none other than the brilliant Josep Sorolla aka Sepe Design:

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