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Warning: Taking kids outside may result in smiles and laughter.

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We think there is plenty of room for toys AND nature. Share this video if you agree!

What do you think? Is there room for both in your child's life? Visit http://bit.ly/1hjbIAX to find out how one Mom does it.

NWF's Be Out There program was started to help parents find ideas and make little changes that can add up to a big difference in their child's life. It is a movement to reconnect families with the outdoors and one that we believe in so much that we have set a goal to get 10 million more kids outside on a regular basis.

Visit http://bit.ly/14Nr3Es for more outdoor activities and inspirations or sign up for our monthly e-newsletter:http://www.beoutthere.org/n...

National Wildlife Federation works on protecting wildlife and wild places for our children's future. To learn more go tohttp://bit.ly/1366fHf

The National Wildlife Federation, America's largest conservation and education organization, publisher of Ranger Rick magazine, and exclusive American affiliate of the EcoSchools program has a 3 year goal to get 10 million kids outdoors on a regular basis. NWF believes that being outdoors and playing with toys need not be separate concepts. Show less
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Be Out There - Kids and Nature Play


Be Out There's mission is to return to the nation's children what they don't even know they've lost: their connection to the natural world. Kids today spend twice as much time indoors as their parents did, missing out on the simple pleasures and lasting mental and physical health benefits of daily outdoor time.

Be Out There's practical tools for families, schools and communities will make being outdoors a fun, healthy and automatic part of everyday life. By raising awareness, inspiring behavior change and taking action, Be Out There will help get American children and families back outside—where they belong!

On this playlist are videos that include different activities, videos that raise awareness and inspiring change.
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