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Nak3d Eli

Halo 3 "The Storm" Speedrun (Legendary Zero Shot World Record)

51,137 views 1 year ago
The Storm is my favorite mission in Halo 3, and this is one of my favorite speed runs of all time. Unfortunately I start off with a small mistake at the Warthog, but it's all uphill from there :)

The Storm Fan-Made Movie: http://youtu.be/kPVvtVaPW8E

Zero Shot rules (according to High Speed Halo):

-Grenades and Melees ONLY.
-Energy Sword, Gravity Hammer and Equipment are fully allowed.
-Must be Legendary Single Player.
-Campaign Scoring must be turned on.
-There can be no deaths.
-You may drive vehicles, but cannot shoot them yourself. You may have a marine or elite in your gunner seat who is shooting.

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