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Fukushima Conflict: WHAT ☠ WHO to BLAME☢ update 7/19/14

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This debate is going to continue to re-write history. It's 'WAG THE DOG" IN REAL LIFE. The NRC is behind this bullshit trying to FAKE that OUR nuclear plants here in the USA are "safe" from such natural disasters. Mother Nature is NOT HAPPY with us Humans.
NRA panel: Tsunami led to Fukushima meltdown
A panel of experts at Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authority has concluded that the tsunami triggered the meltdown during the 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident.
The panel presented on Friday a draft interim report on its probe into the accident.
The experts' conclusion differs from that of a Diet commission about the loss of an emergency power source at the Number One reactor at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.
In its report released in July 2012, the commission suggested the possibility that the massive earthquake caused the reactor to lose power before the tsunami hit the plant.
But the expert panel says data found after the report was issued shows that the arrival of the tsunami coincided with the time the reactor lost power.
The panel rejects the conclusion by the Diet commission that the quake damaged pipes of the reactor and led to the meltdown.
The experts say they will continue their probe and interview former members of the commission before releasing a final report.
Jul. 18, 2014 - Updated 11:21 UTC

Fukushima: MAN MADE DISASTER (NOT Tsunami OR Earthquake) & update for last week 7/9/12 http://youtu.be/mtaOTMr6ZEI

there's also another video of Arnie Gundersen explaining how the EarthQuake (NOT tsunami) ruined (caused meltdownS) at the Fukushima Daiichi plants, but I can't find the other link right now.

Chris Busby: Nuclear Power & Earthquakes vs. Les Kanat & Arnie Gundersen http://youtu.be/Fi9gTX0RfT4 Nuclear Power and Earthquakes
Why is a geologist interested in nuclear plants? Listen to Fairewinds Board member geologist Dr. Les Kanat talk with nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen and show host Kevin Hurley about seismological events in relation to nuclear power. Why do east coast nuclear plants have higher Core Damage Frequencies and are more likely to be damaged from an earthquake than those in California? Do corporate economic concerns mean that nuclear plants are not designed to handle the worst 'quake? Tune in and discover what the NRC has identified as the most dangerous plant in America.

Latest Headlines: http://enenews.com/

Fox: Fukushima radioactive material still being found in U.S. soil — Japan Gov't: The disaster "posed radiation threat to human society"... In 4 days "detectable all across northern hemisphere" — Denmark: Fukushima clearly had widespread consequences, not limited to borders (VIDEOS)

Study: Multiple surges of radioactive substances detected far from Fukushima Daiichi — Over 10,000 times usual levels at plant — Mayor: Gov't knew but never told us, they can't be trusted — Worst may be yet to come; Risk of 'much broader' contamination — CBS: "Many miles away... spike in cesium detected this week"

Japan Doctor: "Tokyo should no longer be inhabited" — Everyone here is a victim of Fukushima — People truly suffering — Bleeding under skin, urinary hemorrhaging — Children's blood tests started changing last year — Time running short... up to physicians to save our citizens and future generations

Japan Correspondent: It's very scary, officials trying to brainwash public about Fukushima crisis — Professor: We're wrapping our heads more and more around Fukushima's legacy... human impact becoming more clear... that's a very big and serious issue here — "Virtually no public support for nuclear power"

Emotional interview with Navy sailor suffering after Fukushima exposure: Others with same symptoms "told to be quiet... nobody's heard from them" — Health is worsening, worried I'm going to die — Can't really use legs or arms, hands 'barely functional' — Rashes all over body, spasms, shaking — Doctors tell us "it's all psychological"

Japan experts warn of more quakes off Fukushima coast — Gov't: There's fear 'relatively large' ones will occur — Recent M6.8 a "delayed tectonic reaction" to M9.0 on 3/11 — "This is just one aftershock of several to come... could occur in next 2 weeks"

Officials: Radioactive material released into air from Fukushima plant, areas far away being contaminated — Gov't tracking plumes using emergency prediction system — "Large amount" of radioactive substances will soon be released (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Japan Nuclear Prof.: Fukushima plant now a 'swamp of radioactive material' — Can't stop pumping in more water because they don't know where melted fuel went — Build roof over entire site? — Asahi: Continued presence of water threatens construction of ice wall around reactors

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For Fukushima Daily Updates from March 11, 2011 visit MsMilkytheclown at http://www.youtube.com/user/MsMilkytheclown
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