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Roger Hodgson

Roger Hodgson, formerly of Supertramp - On Tour

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Roger Hodgson co-founded Supertramp in 1969 and was the driving force behind what fans call the 14 golden years of the band. He wrote, sang, and arranged the enduring rock standards that made Supertramp a worldwide phenomenon with album sales in excess of 60 million. Timeless classics such as Give a Little Bit, Breakfast in America, School, Dreamer, The Logical Song, Take the Long Way Home, It's Raining Again, Fool's Overture, and so many more were given to us by Roger.

"My songs are the expressions of my life experience and heart and soul's search for peace and meaning. The joy, questions, longing, aloneness that I felt and expressed in song have given voice to many around the world that have had similar life experiences. I feel music - in its highest expression - is the language of the soul, a universal language that reaches across barriers and connects people. You can speak from the heart but put those words to a beautiful melody and they touch a deeper place inside all of us. I have always been drawn to music that transports me - that takes me on an emotional and sometimes spiritual journey and have aspired to make that kind of music myself. In my experience it does not come from a mental place of control but a getting out of the way and allowing the place where true inspiration comes from to come through. Call it God, our superconscious, our higher selves, our inner connected self, it is the creator or artist in all of us where great inventions, art, inspiration of all kinds emanates from. I am truly grateful to have stumbled across this magical place inside me at an early age." ~ Roger Hodgson

Roger is currently on tour and selling out shows around the world. Every concert is a powerful emotional journey and his passion for his music and his art shines through in the magic and intimacy that is felt by the audience. Performing solo shows, with band, and with orchestra, we invite you to come to a show and see why each and every one of Roger's concerts receives spectacular reviews from media and fans alike. You will hear Roger's timeless classics plus some amazing material from his solo albums. See tour details on the Tour page at http://www.RogerHodgson.com or the Events tab at https://www.Facebook.com/Ro....

See what the media is saying -

"Roger Hodgson is a genius composer, a Mozart in the modern time. His music is brilliant and intellectually profound." ~ Ottawa Citizen

"Beautiful. That's the word that just keeps popping into your head when watching Roger Hodgson perform. Whether it's the melodic complexity of his songs, the harmonies he weaves with his band, the lyrics that sweep you away or his ability to still command the incredible upper range of his voice, 'beautiful' was what kept coming to mind over and over again during his performance. 'Breathtaking' might also apply. 'I want more' certainly would." ~ Ted Hansen - Mesa Classic Rock Music Examiner

"The second Roger Hodgson opened his voice, I said 'that's Supertramp.' He is Supertramp. All these years I thought I was a Supertramp fan when actually I was and am a Roger Hodgson fan. What a show! WOW is all I can say." ~ David Wild, Contributing Editor, Rolling Stone

"Roger has the audience eating out of his hand, and small wonder, as his astonishingly unique voice has lost absolutely nothing over the years." ~ Steve Pilkington - Classic Rock Society Magazine

See what fans are saying -

"Roger was the fifth Beatle. He just played in a different band. His songs are every bit as timeless as Beatles songs." ~ Brian

"I shoot shows for a local Atlanta paper and this was hands down the best show of the year. I have shot over 40 acts this summer. Roger Hodgson was #1. What a set, incredible musicians, just a grand night to be a fan of his music." ~ Chuck

"Roger Hodgson has created music that will live forever. Our lives are that much better because of masters like Roger. Through all the roads we have gone down, Roger's music was there to make life a bit easier. The Beethoven of our times, Roger will be with us forever. Thanks Roger." ~ David

"Your voice was and is truly amazing thank you for a great night. You are the one that I have been waiting forever to see live and now my life is complete." ~ Lyn

Follow Roger on Twitter at http://twitter.com/RogerHod... and Instagram at http://www.Instagram.com/Ro...

The Roger Hodgson Store is the only place you can buy directly from the artist and get his autographed DVD, CD's, and vinyl. Visit http://www.RogerHodgsonStor...

Sample Set List:

Take the Long Way Home
In Jeopardy
Lovers in the Wind
Hide in Your Shell
Sister Moonshine
Breakfast in America
Along Came Mary
A Soapbox Opera
The Logical Song
Only Because of You/Lord is it Mine
Even in the Quietest Moments
Fool's Overture
Child of Vision
Give a Little Bit
It's Raining Again

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