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Imaaki Phrass

iMaaki - Side EFx Of Love | Official Video

657 views 5 months ago
Say She Love Mi, Mi Say Girl Stop Lying To Yuh Self,
Wipe Yuh Tears Kaz You Only Crying To Yuh Self,
Yuh Never Acknowledge All The Pain That Mi Felt,
Now Mi Don't Feel Shit, Must Be The Side Effects,
Of The Love That We Don't Have No More,
We Lost It, Yuh Give Up And Regret It,
Got Yuh Text Messages But Them Get Neglected,
We No Longer Connected,
Like A Drop Call, Yuh Stop Call,
And Fade Away Slowly...
Now Yuh Resurface,
But It Nah Go Be The Same Like When We First Met,
When You Used To Leave School And Link Mi Each Thursday,
And We Chill And Kill Time Until The Sunset...
Now... Reminiscing On The Past,
Every Thing That We Found Is Now Lost,
Every Thing That We Built Is Now Gone,
And The Worst Part Of It Still Resides In Mi Thoughts,
Can't Sleep At Nights Kaz Mi Thinking Of Yuh,
The Expressions On Yuh Face When Me Used To FuckYuh,
The Feeling Of Love When Mi Used To Hug Yuh,
It's All Gone Now, Yuh Need To Calm Now,
When Mi Text Yuh You Said That You Moved On Now,
So Clearly You Don't Belong Here Now,
You Can Cry But Mi Nuh Really Care Now,
Yuh Gimmi Heads But Still Yuh Never Stay Down,
Yuh Heart Break A That's Why You Return,
So Kindly Mi A Ask Yuh Fi Leave Now,
Delete All Mi Number To And Please Don't Return,
Mi Waah Stand Up And Watch You In The Street Burn.
Mi Know That Kinda Harsh But Hush,
Just The Side Effects, In MY Defence,
Mi Affi Protect Mi Self,
So This Don't Happen Again,
Mi Prefer Kill Mi Self,
Than Fi Get Me Heart Again,
And Life Too Sweet Fi That,
Too Much Gal Dash Weh Pan The Street Fi That,
So While Yuh Return Wid Yuh Bullshit,
I Will Be Smoking On Some Good Shit,
Pan Di Endz With Mi Friends And A Pre Scareface And A Listen MGG II. Show less
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