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Discover the Missouri Star Quilt Company!

564,239 views 1 year ago
This is an ad we are running for our Quilter's Daily Deal, the link she is pointing to when she says click here is - www.missouriquiltco.com/shop/q­uiltingspecials

This took us almost 8 hours to film, and another 8 hours to prepare all the props for it. It was hard because we had to do it all in one take, so we would get almost all the way through, then one sign wouldn't go up right or something goofy and we'd have to start all over.

Mom did so good not being distracted, we had 5 helpers on the sides doing signs and props. The confetti and balloons at the end were held up with a needle pinned to the ceiling, and on the very last take, when Sarah yanked the needle, it stuck her right in the face, she didn't shout out or anything, and is fine now, so that's the take we used, but still, we all laughed at the craziness of it all!

We are really excited to be telling the story of what we do, this video is a fun start. Thanks to our brother, Jake Doan for his amazing camera work and editing skills, he has started to do commercials in addition to our tutorials and does some really great work, you should all subscribe to give him some love -

Also, special thanks to Jake's wife Misty, Sarah, the incredible art skills of sister Natalie (and our wonderful shop helpers Makayla and Andrea) who helped put it all together, and Mom for being so good about such a long filming day. Also Dad, we needed his height to pull off some of those props too :D

Thanks a lot for taking a look, we hope you'll share it!

"Jenny Doan shares the awesomeness that is the Missouri Star Quilt Company! Come check us out at http://missouriquiltco.com!... Show less
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