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Let's Play Pokemon Fire Red Xpertlocke Play

Welcome to my Let's Play of Pokemon Fire Red
This is a modified Nuzlocke with my own rules. Because I am the first to attempt this, I have named it Fire Red Xpert rather than Fire Red Nuzlocke. The rules are this:
1. No Pokemon may be caught at all. I can use pokemon obtained in gifts, etc. The exceptions are shinies. I'll catch those if I want.
2. A fainted Pokemon must be released. This means that it has a terrifying edge of challenge to it, since I will have to be very careful.
Join me as I play this game in a way that has never before been done. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it! Let's get Battling!

Let's Glitch Pokemon Blue! Play

Well, Yellow version has now been thoroughly explored, but I think it's time to have a look through the glitches of its slightly older cousin. Red and Blue share the same set of glitches, but they are entirely different from those in Yellow.

So, I'm going to be rolling through Blue version, which I know far less about, doing plenty of glitchy sightseeing along the way. I hope you join me in my no-cheating-device run, and together, let's glitch Pokémon Blue!
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