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monster, how should i feel? BANG . ZELO AU ☢ happy bday India!

1,631 views 8 months ago
There is a plot to this mv, so read below before watching!!

This is for my lovely friend India! Happy birthday! I know it's late but I hope you like it anyway ^^ Love you girly!

STORY: Bang Yongguk reflects on his best friends spiral into insanity.

He had been missing for weeks. Without a sign, the boy Zelo, he once knew as his friend, was never seen again. Not as the energetic, smiling, carefree teen he was. Rather they found a torn, wreaked boy, chained in an old wearhouse, wounds so deep he would never see life as it was again. Yongguk can only watch as Zelo, nightmares a constant companion to his every thought, be consumed by his own mind. He prays, hoping to find a way. To bring back the boy he once knew. Only there's a barrier between them now, they both belong to two different worlds. Yongguk would never understand the terror Zelo willed himself to, the horrors he faced. The numbness inside; The desire to feel again, to feel anything.

But that won't stop him from trying.

I leave the ending up to you ;)

If you guys want me to do more AU mv's just leave a comment!

PROGRAM: Vegas Pro 11
SONG: Monster by Meg and Dia [deviler's dubstep remix] Show less
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