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#GoMinaKoo [Episode 1]

992 views 9 months ago
"It took me years to put together an album, and keep touring. My past year was especially very challenging. I've been humbled a lot both by life's trials and by people's love. At the end of the dark tunnel, I'd like to place my album under the unconditional love I experienced in the arms of my grandma, whom I lost to breast cancer. When this campaign is completed, I would feel released from this burden, and I could walk into another chapter of my musical journey. I appreciate each and every support from you. You will be remembered, along with my grandma." - Mina, Oct 16, 2013

Get "MINA" @ https://mina.bandcamp.com $2 from each order goes to Keep A Breast foundation, which will educate 10 people about breast cancer. You'll also be credited in Mina's next album, as well as receive her personal note of thanks.

Special thanks to
- Jamal Jones for shooting the scenes for the video
- Selena Tenorio for coordinating the campaign
- Musician/producer/videographer­/dancer friends, my awesome colleagues: Matthew, Alejandro, Kevin, Scott, Marcus, John, Yvon, Mamoudou, George, David, Monvelyno, Jeremy, Jenni, Devon, Bjorn, Jordan, Jay
- Fans/friends/family, who have supported the album at Bandcamp: YongMoo, Matthew, Yong, Yasmine, Lyubov, Maatyce, Amanda, Jeremy, Youhanna, Cleo, Jonathan, Bree, George, Haoyue,  Yori Ramsey, Davide,  Clara,  Richard, Carl, Andre, Fermon, James

Shoutout to MZ & Emmers Sports Bra Auction for Breast Cancer

More stuff @ http://minaminakoo.com/camp...
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Campaign (Vid Docu Blog) - #GoMinaKoo Episodes Play

Stuff about "Mina," in support of breast cancer awareness, via Keep A Breast Foundation
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