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• Loki + Taylor Swift | Sweet Dreams

347 views 8 months ago
Tralalala Maddie does a thing.. ;) No but I am serious it is really entertaining to make videos like these. It's like a alternative universe where you can do whatever you want. I adore making videos with a plot that is very rare and unusual(and by that making a villain x celebrity video). It triggers my inspiration and you should know that my mind has been on fire this past week and I can't express how excited I have been of making this video. I will try to explain the story know.. wish me luck lol.. *Remember that the greyscaled scenes are dreams*

Plot: Taylor has dreams of Loki, a god from the Norse Mythology. Taylor is both scared and intrested in this man, and she has a hard time to understand why. Wherever she is in her dreams he seems to be the exact location as her. It's like he's haunting her in her dreams. And it's slowly making her insane, she can barley know the difference between reality and dreams anymore. Now she sees visions of him wherever she is, and she tries to tell herself that he isn't there. But the pressure get's to much for her so she passes out. When Taylor wakes up she thinks it's all been a horrible nightmare until she sees him standing there right before her eyes. And that's when she realizes that it hasn't been a dream, he's been with her all along haunting her dreams.

Okay I hope that was a good explanation ehehe.. I have it all in my head so to me everything totally makes sense. XD I hope you all will like it. :)

Song: Sweet Dreams (cover)
Artist: Emily Browning
Movie: The Avengers
Couple: Loki x Taylor Swift (villain x celebrity)
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