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Microdocs Short Attention Span Science Videos -- $24.95 + S/H, 32 (3-min.) videos. Order DVD set from www.ggfilms.com
Starred reviews in Library school Journal and Booklist, meets CA Science Curriculum Standards. Hosted by Dr. Steve Palumbi, Director of Stanford University's Hopkins Marine Station.
Coral Reefs: What sustains them? How do they get broken? How do they get fixed? Over 30 films shot on location in the tropics! Great for schools and libraries. Show less
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Threats to coral reefs Play

Coral reefs are under threat worldwide. Habitat destruction threatens 1/3 of all reef building corals with extinction.
This group of microdocs highlights some of the threats facing coral reefs.

Sustainability explained Play

These microdocs explore the concept of ecological sustainability, and the elements that influence the ability of an ecosystem to function.

Maintaining a sustainable ecosystem relies on the interaction of 4 elements:

Ecosystem sustainability is determined by the relationship between these elements, and together they determine the level of resources that can be taken from an environment and still maintain it sustainably.

Species on Coral Reefs Play

Coral reefs are home to up to 9 million species, and coral reefs are the foundation of this diversity. A symbiotic relationship with single-celled algae enable coral polyps to build reefs.
Interactions with other ecosystems helps to promote coral reef diversity. Wave action also encourages reef diversity.
This playlist shows how coral reefs creates diversity, and shows some coral reef inhabitants.
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