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microchipDIRECT Play

microchipDIRECT, the direct source of products from Microchip Technology Inc., offers the largest inventory of Microchip's products and development tools as well as many trusted third-party tools and devices. Our online ordering system supports customers from almost 70 countries around the globe. www.microchipdirect.com

Analog Play

Microchip's integrated analog technology, peripherals and
features are engineered to meet today's demanding design
requirements. Our broad spectrum of analog products addresses thermal management, power management, battery management,
mixed-signal, linear, interface and safety & security solutions. Our
broad portfolio of stand-alone analog and interface devices offers
highly integrated solutions that combine various analog functions
in space-saving packages and support a variety of bus interfaces.
Many of these devices support functionality that enhances the
analog features currently available on PIC® microcontrollers. For
more information visit: www.microchip.com/analog

8-bit PIC MCUs Play

Based on a powerful RISC core, the PIC microcontroller architecture
provides users with an easy migration path from 6 to 100 pins
among all families, with little or no code change required. Advanced
features include sophisticated timing peripherals, integrated analogto-
digital converters and communications peripherals (Ethernet/
I2C™/SPI/USB/CAN ports and LIN USARTs). For more information
visit: www.microchip.com/8bit

16-bit PIC MCUs Play

The 16-bit PIC24 Family is comprised of two sub-families. The
PIC24F offers a cost-effective low power step up in performance,
memory and peripherals for many applications that are pushing the
envelope of 8-bit microcontroller capabilities. For more demanding
applications, the PIC24H offers 40 MIPS performance, more
memory and additional peripherals, such as CAN communication
modules. For more information visit: www.microchip.com/16bit

32-bit PIC MCUs Play

The PIC32 family adds more performance and more memory
while maintaining pin, peripheral and software compatibility with
Microchip's 16-bit MCU/DSC families. The PIC32 family operates at
up to 80 MHz and offers ample code and data space capabilities
with up to 512 KB Flash and 128 KB RAM. For more information
visit: www.microchip.com/32bit

Wireless Solutions Play

Microchip provides cost effective, easy to implement wireless solutions including transmitter, receiver and transceiver solutions for IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee®, ISM Band Sub-GHz, and IEEE 802.11 applications.

Motor Control Play

Our 8-bit Microcontrollers and 16-bit Digital Signal Controllers contain innovative on-chip peripherals designed specifically for motor control. With motor control devices from 8 to 100 pins, we have the perfect part for every application.

Got a tight schedule? We provide free motor control software with application notes and schematics for most motor control algorithms to shorten your development cycle. Our development tools are specifically designed for motor control to promote rapid prototyping of custom applications.

We offer technical training classes, web seminars
to quickly familiarize engineers with our devices and the latest motor control algorithms.

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