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Why work at Mendeley?

1,962 views 2 months ago
Imagine you have the opportunity to change the world for the better. Imagine things you're working on have a real impact on how quickly people are able to find ways to cure major diseases or develop new technologies. That's Mendeley's vision, and we are transforming the world of academic research. Mendeley is a dynamic global research collaboration platform that is helping academics improve their workflow and accelerate the pace of scientific discovery.

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Mendeley Community Play

Get to know the Mendeley Community, and watch how they change the way we do research!

SMW London 2013 Play

The theme for this year was "Open & Connected" which is pretty much a perfect fit for the Mendeley philosophy. So we thought it would be great to host an event in the London SMW Hub about how technology is changing the way we conduct and fund research, how researchers interact, discover content and share their findings, as well as how the non-academic public can get involved and make a real different through citizen science initiatives. Here you can find all videos of this Mendeley hosted event at SMW London 2013
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