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Mekar Bhuana

Selonding Compositions by 6-year-old Gede Richard Semara

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Selonding Compositions by 6-year-old Gede Richard Semara. Inspired by archaic selonding music from the 10th-14th centuries that we have learnt from Yayasan Selonding Bali on our Besakih-style selonding set, Semara learnt all his gamelan music from listening to recordings and video. He has never learnt from a teacher and always wants to discover things on his own. The same goes for his ability in dance, puppetry, drawing and sculpture. He also taught himself to play on a drum kit, where he transfers Balinese gamelan rhythms from baleganjur and bebarongan, as well as bossa nova and jazz. Mekar Bhuana hopes that other kids in the world will be inspired by his multicultural approach to learning and composing music. Show less
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Semara Patangian (Pelegongan) Performances Play

Pelegongan instrumental piece called Bopong at the beginning of a performance at a villa in Gianyar, Bali. This piece was composed by Wayan Lotring and has never been commercially recorded. The Mekar Bhuana group learnt this piece as part of one of their preservation projects in 2002.

Dance Performances Play

Mekar Bhuana performing Legong Keraton at Banjar Gerenceng in Denpasar. Their 11-year old legong dancer, Putu Mahayoni, (here dancing garuda) was winner of the 2002 Mayor's Trophy in Denpasar for Legong Condong.

Gender Wayang Play

Performances by our gender wayang group.
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