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'What is Megasteakman?' - 30 Second Channel Promo

292,541 views 2 years ago
"What is Megasteakman?" It's the question that drives us. Check out our 30 second channel promo that showcases our quirky, spfx oriented approach to sketch comedy!

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  • Holmes for the Holidays

    Our parody of the BBC Sherlock has the famed detective solving the greatest mystery yet: deducing what Watson got him for Christmas!

    Written and Performed by Nicholas Porteous and Tyler Nicol
  • ESPURR, NO!!!!

    Espurr has to be the creepiest pokémon ever. Ever since I saw Espurr in Pokémon X and Y, I knew I had to make the scariest pokémon encounter ever. Please share this video with other pokéfans!

  • Loki Needs Therapy After Thor 2 the Dark World

    After Thor the Dark World, Loki takes some time off to do some therapy.

    Starring: Takahata101 and Tyler Nicol

    What character do you think should have therapy? Tell us in the comments below!
  • How to Survive Slaughter - HOM 103 - (Halloween Movie Parody)

    Need to survive in a horror film!?? Make sure you take course HOM 103 - Surviving Slaughter this semester.

    Also, please donate to the Girls with Swords Kickstarter! Everything donation helps us ...
  • Girls With Swords S1E0 - Game of Bones

    Unfortunately we did not receive funding, but we want to give special thanks to everyone who donated, shared and commented on the video! If you'd like to visit the closed kickstarter page, here is...
  • Loki watches Agents of Shield Episode 1

    Loki watches the full episode of Agents of Shield... well, maybe a few minutes of it. This is his review.

    We were shooting a bunch of stuff today, and we all decided to make this, so no one perso...
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