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Pokémon Wedlocke Challenge Rules Revisited (Nuzlocke Variant)

122,541 views 2 months ago
The Wedlocke challenge is a challenge for Pokémon games that is based on the popular Nuzlocke challenge. This video explains the rules of the Wedlocke challenge and even provides answers to some of the more commonly asked questions about it.

While this video is intended to go along with Marriland's Black Wedlocke series, these rules apply to any main series Pokémon game, aside from Red, Blue, or Yellow (due to lack of genders; though you could flip a coin for every encounter if you'd like to play on those games). Feel free to use this video as a reference for either my video series or for your own Wedlocke challenge!

Pokémon BW - Route 6 (Summer) Remastered by "Kamikadze333666"

Want to watch Marriland's BLACK WEDLOCKE? Here's the playlist link:

You can talk about the Wedlocke challenge over on the Marriland Forums as well:
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