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Maritime Union of Australia

Gayle McLaughlin - Chevron Oil Refinery Richmond CA

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International Transport Workers' Federation
International speakers highlighted concerns about the safety of Chevron operations at a public meeting attended by over 300 people in Perth, Western Australia.

The forum, hosted by the Maritime Union of Australia (WA Branch) and the International Transport Workers’ Federation, featured Mike Smith, a union official from the United Steelworkers’ Union Local 5 in Richmond California who travelled to Perth to address the meeting in person. The Chevron facility in Richmond California is the location of a major explosion that saw 15,000 people sent to hospital two years ago.

Mike is a former operator and OHS representative at the refinery in Richmond spoke about his union’s experiences of Chevron’s commitment to the safety of their workforce and the local community. When asked by a member of the audience if he felt that, based on his experiences, the Australian community should trust Chevron to operate safely on Barrow Island, an A class nature reserve, Mike answered “no”.

The meeting also featured a video link to Gayle McLaughlin, Mayor of Richmond California who outlined why the people of Richmond do not trust Chevron and see them as putting profit ahead of worker and community safety. Gayle talked about Chevron’s propaganda campaign including setting up their own newspaper and their involvement in local politics. Gayle estimated that Chevron would spend $2 million to get Chevron friendly candidates elected at the upcoming Richmond council elections.

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