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Sacred Mountain Series I ..Dec 11 '2010.wmv

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Along this hike you will be introduced to one of the largest Native American Indian sites in California "The Volvon Village" Dated back to as far as 10,000 years...!

According to Native American folklore, at the dawn of time, Tuyshtak (today's Mount Diablo) was the sacred birthplace of the world. Supernatural beings, the First People, lived here. The First People are often designated with the names of the animals whose attributes are reflected in their personalities-animals such as Condor (Mollock), Prairie Falcon, Eagle and Coyote. These personages created Native Americans, and provided them with a bountiful, beautiful world.

Native Americans
Morgan Territory is located within the traditional homeland of the Volvon, one of five Native American nations in the Diablo area who spoke dialects of the Bay Miwuk language. Their way of life was characterized by a rich heritage of social, political, economic and religious tradition--tradition built upon thousands of years of living with the land, during which new ideas, technologies and Indian groups came into the area.

Their world changed dramatically after 1772, when the Spanish began to explore the East Bay. Diseases of European origin killed large numbers of people at the crowded, unsanitary missions, while Spanish military expeditions killed others. The Volvon were among the Native American groups who resisted Spanish missionization, but by 1806 the resistance had crumbled. The destruction of the old way of life was completed during the early years of American settlement.

Many California Native Americans continue to practice the traditions of their ancestors while living within the framework of modern life. Show less
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