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BigBoy Advance project - GBA system with 8" screen

28,174 views 2 weeks ago
Handheld portable of a GBA with a far larger screen, an 8" Innovatek TM-868 screen. System uses an AD Adaptor connected to a SNES console clone, a RetroDuo; as 2 sets of Li-ion camcorder cells giving 4.2 amps at 7.4v. System also has a screen protector to prevent scratches to the screen when the portable is not being used. Runs off battery or mains power and when running off the mains (via a transformer), also charges the batteries at the same time.

Build thread: http://www.bacman.co.uk/bac... Show less
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Project Unity Play

A unique system that incorporates15 original hardware console boards into one system, running 18 console systems; using one controller, SCART and power supply for all. A 3 year project to complete!
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