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Re-Announcing Fallout's YouTube Channel - Suggestions Needed

712 views 6 months ago
Hi Friends! As some of you may have seen with my recent Twitter activity, I'm back and involved again after having somewhat of a revelation in regards to what I'm truly passionate about - the typical "follow your passion" realization. That being said, and as mentioned in the video, I realize that I completely disappeared last time around which was NOT fair to you guys. I completely accept the fact that I need to earn your trust back and re-earn your subscribe - I would truly appreciate the opportunity to do so.

Please comment below with SUGGESTIONS of videos that you would like to see out of this channel. I am currently playing/in love with League of Legends and GoW3, and plan on playing Titanfall, but any sort of suggestion would be appreciated.

If you aren't already, I would definitely appreciate a follow on Twitter as I'm back and active on that as well. https://twitter.com/Falloutt Show less
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League of Legends

League of Legends gameplay and commentary. Currently a Gold-level adc with the occasional jungle. Love playing the game and hope to help you guys get better - any suggestions for producing better content pleaese let me know!
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