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Bonnie Crombie and her "same two hundred" Friends of Hazel --THE COMEDY

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"I have this theory about it's the same two hundred people who are involved in everything in Mississauga," ---Mississauga Future Mayor Bonnie Crombie.

MISSISSAUGAWATCH has this theory about --it's the same two hundred people that [sic] are involved in everything in Mississauga who create a synergy that an integrity commissioner and not even the Ontario Ombudsman can fix.

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'Friends of Hazel' McCallion Series Play

Hazel McCallion often refers to "my people". This playlist is an online investigation into the Mayor's "people", the 'Friends of Hazel'. Series begins with the 34-year City of Mississauga "retired" employee (rehired April-November 2010 as a "temp"), his wife, an Oakville and Milton resident. They are the Four behind the website stopcarolynparrish.com as well as the Mayor's online cowards like "Prol" (co-designer of the Friends of Hazel Rally flyer) hiding behind aliases turning the Mississauga News into a filth pad.

"Friends of Haze" --Better Government through Lies and Intimidation. (all duly documented with videotape since April 2010)

Why videotape? First you would NOT believe. And-- because the "Friends of Hazel" LIE (confirmed through, you guessed it...)
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