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Teramaze - Esoteric Symbolism (Official Full Lyric Video)

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"ESOTERIC SYMBOLISM" is Coming April 15th (USA Tax Day)
PRE-ORDER now at Nightmare / iTunes & Amazon
UPC: 734923006619 / Cat #: NMR-578 / Style: Metal / Progressive
*CD version includes track 9 "The Divulgence Act" not available on digital release of the album.


SEA OF TRANQUILITY - 5/5 RATING "These guys KILL!! Esoteric Symbolism just seems to get better and better with each additional listen"

METAL TEMPLE - 10/10 RATING "The band's skilled vocalist evoke vibes that are bursting full of raw emotion and power...Sincerely, I cannot criticize it.... MASTERPIECE!"

METAL ARCHIVES - 9/10 RATING "Refreshing, powerful, and extremely melodic "

THE METAL COMMAND RADIO SHOW - "album of the Month of March 2014...possibly a candidate for Album Of The Year!""

PAINKILLER METAL SHOW-Belgium - 6/6 RATING "An Absolute Masterpiece"

WELOVEMETAL.COM - 9/10 RATING "This album is in the upper echelons of 2014 so far."

BLACK WIND METAL - 4.25/5 RATING " I am now completely enraptured by their hyper-aggressive progressive metal"

METAL RULES - 4/5 RATING "I think it will worth my while to go discover the first trio of albums"

DANGERDOG MUSIC - 4/5 RATING "Even with it's overwhelming riff density, Esoteric Symbolism is definitely a step forward for Teramaze."

DEAD RHETORIC - 8.5/10 RATING "complex, ear-catchingly melodic and bursting with great guitar work and metallic heft"

METAL OBSERVER - 8/10 RATING "...here's melodic metal with a dark and brooding atmosphere that doesn't sound halfhearted or synthesized."

METAL TUBE- 79/100 RATING "I can certainly respect an artist who can reinvent themselves in such a way"

PROGSPHERE - NO RATING "Highly recommended"

METAL OBSESSION - NO RATING "For fans of Metallica, Dream Theater, Alice in Chains"
TERAMAZE returns with their 4th full length album after completely grabbing the attention of the underground Thrash and Prog-Power Metal fans with their 2012 release "AnhedoniA." Teramaze blends amazingly tight and speedy syncopated guitar/drum riffs and rhythms, with melodic hard vocals, for a very unique brand of metal. Creating a Testament & Tool meets Pantera & The Police in a dark sci-fi video game vibe. Teramaze burst out of Australia in 2012 and received well-deserved critical acclaim worldwide with their release "AnhedoniA".

Watch video teaser HERE!

Their music conjures such adjectives as, "Innovative", "Progressive" and "Groove-laden" but most notably, "Engaging". Keeping the fundamental elements of metal alive, Teramaze pushes metal into un-chartered territory with guitar work that is incendiary with powerfully aggressive vocals that drive the song.
The album on Nightmare Records will be distributed by Sony/RED.

"Esoteric Symbolism screams at the men behind the curtain, shining a spotlight on the establishment in an attempt to share their secrets."

For fans of Pantera, Tool, Metallica, Devin Townsend & Soilwork...(Think Dream Theater on steroids without the extended wankery) Produced/Mixed by Dean Wells and mastered by Lasse Lammert (Alestorm, Stuck Mojo).

Some Quotes on the album:

"Very well put together heavy metal record with awesome guitar playing and interesting melodies.' -Francesco Artusato (all shall perish, devil you know)

"Edgy melodic tunes with quality production all add up to a great modern prog/metal album. Excellent guitars, vocals, keyboards, drums, bass - not a weak link in the Teramaze chain! Highly recommended!" -Ted Kirkpatrick / Tourniquet

"Awesome. I love the songs, production is great and the guitars sounds incredibly tight. Love the instrumental opener, some cool voicings. Very modern and punchy. And the most important thing is that it sounds original. I'm definitely a fan."- Marco Sfogli- (James Labrie,Jordan Rudess,Virgil Donati)

"Esoteric Symbolism is a wildfire resulting from the spark created by AnhedoniA...a rare combination of elite playing, extreme focus, and sonic enormity." - Frank Serafine (senior writer at Metal Underground) Show less
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