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Colonial British Marchers

6 views 3 weeks ago
My family and I went on a trip to Washington DC, and the day we chose to walk around and see the monuments, we came upon these marchers at the Washington Monument. The monument had been damaged in a minor earthquake in 2011 and that happened to be the very day they were reopening it to the public.

Taken on May 12, 2014.

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Medieval Combat Training Play

A collection of educational videos on medieval combat training. Though these videos are helpful and educational, please seek the aid of a professional fight trainer if you wish to seriously learn and train in any kind of weapon combat. This collection is not just for SCA fighters like myself; they can be useful for all medieval weapon fighters. For instance, several videos are from Dagorhir, who use foam swords, and though they teach some of the basic techniques, they use some tactics that are not allowed in the SCA (Warning to all SCA fighters watching). I have tried to arrange the videos in order, starting with the most basic stuff and working toward the more advanced stuff. They are also arranged in order of Single Sword, Florentine or Twin Sword, Long Sword, Sword and Shield, Pole Weapons, and Melee (Battle). I also added the intro video of my Century Drill series since it could also be very helpful.

So please enjoy and I hope these videos are helpful.

Society for Creative Anachronism Play

This is to help people to better understand what the SCA is all about. We are more than just a group of people that wear funny clothes and beat on each other with sticks. We recreate history, both the visual aspects such as the fighting, clothing, and such, but also the pursuit of the ideals of Chivalry. And we are a family that cares for each other, supports each other, and help one another grow. Please enjoy and I hope you can learn more about our wonderful organization.

SCA Armor Play

A collection of videos on how to make armor for Chivalric Combat in the Society for Creative Anachronism; ideal for new SCA fighters.
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