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Minecraft PE Multiplayer 0.9.0 EP 1 "HIDDEN MOBS" PE SMP w/ Sean (Minecraft Pocket Edition Series)

32,962 views 3 days ago
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Minecraft PE Multiplayer! Welcome to my Minecraft Pocket Edition Multiplayer with Sean! This is a let's play of the v0.9.0 and onwards version of Minecraft PE. Sean and I live together, so we play on the same network. The Minecraft PE Server Edition / SMP version of multiplayer isn't out yet, so we're going to play on this instead. If you want to see more PE Multiplayer videos from Sean and I, let us know by leaving a rating and a comment! :)

Thanks to JFM and BlazeXen for the seed!

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► Music by C418 http://c418.bandcamp.com

Sean http://youtube.com/seanbijan

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