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INNERSELF - SIGNS EP Mixed by Narkotix ( Drum n bass )

172 views 8 months ago
Signs EP/
Digital Release Date: 4th November 2013/
All Tracks Written & Produced By InnaSelf/
Mixed By Narkotix (Odyssey Recordings)

Track 1/ Chakra Dance -- Meaning each of the centres of spiritual power in the human body. Perfectly produced track with a melody of pure emotion, the track is more appreciated when you take time to absorb the hooking melody, accompanied with a lovely deep Indian vocal. Subbed bass, rolling beats with a taste of eastern culture, which requires an extensive appreciation of the music to perceive the excellence in which this track is produced.

Track 2/ Gemini -- Rolling beats, deep laid back bass line, with mesmerising riffs and a warming vocal to keep you refreshed. Just imagine waking up in the morning, its bright and the sun is shining, you look out the window and all you see is that fresh air and pastures carefully maintained. The experience when listening to this track is similar to what I have just explained.

Track 3/ This Journey - Rolling amen beats, lovely piano riff and drifting pads.The groove is quite simple, but most effective. All together the contrasts with the chords and instruments hits with complimentary beats which push it into the boundaries of relaxation. Excellent Music.

Track 4/ Zodiac -- Kicks of with beat and a one synth note giving a sense of build-up and preparation. A funky yet deeper affair, the border mix with a stirring bass line and riffs that builds and builds with sweeping synth effects added to great effect. Electronic sounds at its best.

Distinctive music for distinctive minds...The quality & emotion makes this music the most meaningful dance music of the moment...


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