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Lindsay Clark

Nomadderwhere, redefined

197 views 1 year ago
How does one sequence these 60 or so images in a way that further compounds the underlying message of the collection? I went back to my "philosophy." After rewording and restructuring my 3.5 year old philosophy, I read it aloud and recorded for playback, ordering my images to match the keywords and themes that resonated. I'm ready to laminate this revision in video form. I encourage you to watch, examine the words for yourself, and provide feedback on this redefined mini-manifesto.

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Learning around the world with TGS Play

The soul of the THINK Global School program lies in its travels and the experiences afforded to the students and staff as a result of traveling all over the world. One of my focuses as the Media Specialist is to capture those learning opportunities to benefit a wider audience.

Lectures and discussions of visionaries with TGS Play

On the job, I have had the great opportunity to film some amazing speakers and broadcast their words and ideas to a wider audience. Some of these speakers include Prince Reza Pahlavi, Prime Minister of Bhutan Tshering Tobgay, educational specialist Tony Wagner, political advisor Greg Simon, historian and writer Joseph Pearson, humanitarian Urmi Basu, writer and journalist Nicholas Kulish, and many more.
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