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OverClocked University - MAGFest 2013 Performance (Second Stage - 4PM)

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The OverClocked ReMix house band, OverClocked University, plays their first full set at MAGFest 2013. This was a Second Stage performance on Friday, January 4th, at 4PM. While we did have a few technical difficulties with mixing levels, we had a lot of fun and feel like we put on a very good show. Thanks to the following for their help:

Papa Prinny (Video Footage and Audio)
jmr and Arecibo Radio (Audio)
Will Strouse and 8bitX Radio (Audio)
The Amazing MAGFest Staff and all the other bands who performed

OverClocked University is:
OA (guitars)
Level 99 (guitars)
diotrans (violin)
DragonAvenger (bass)
Brandon Strader (videos)
Rexy (videos)
Palpable (techie)

1. Waverace 64 - Gettin' Wet in the Sunset
2. Final Fantasy VI - Terra's Back in Black (based upon Ailsean's Terra in Black arrangement)
3. Chrono Trigger - Bending Light
4. Ragnarok Online - Pwntera
5. Chrono Cross - Dotting Your I's and Crossing Your Chrono's
6. Ico - Take my Hand
7. Donkey Kong Country - Where's the Ocean, Andrew?
8. Star Fox - Worlds in Crisis

We're playing a bunch more conventions and shows this year, and working our first album as we speak. Like us on Facebook to get all the latest information on us!


Also be sure to check out OverClocked ReMix online: http://ocremix.org for more awesome video game arrangements! Show less
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