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Leonid Rozumenko

Apple iPad and iPhone is an incredible robbery of the millenium!!!

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I am Leonid Rozumenko, - the inventor of the screenboards.
The name of my work, where I described this new for that time type of data entry devices:



the very term the screen-boards was also created by me in this work to describe with the words what I had in mind.

My ideas passed international patent search as Inventive and Innovative

So it was (and it is!) my invention!

I had American patent agents from "Invention Home"
and American patent attorneys from "James Ray and associates"

but Microsoft, Apple, at&t, Motorola, Showcase, Accenture, Sony and others took my ideas for free as if I never existed and don't deserve any royalties.

so Bill Gates and Apple wizards, what are you doing???

How this idea came to me?
I studied programming in USA 16 years ago
plus, I know several European languages
and I like to write sometimes in one language, sometimes in another
so I thought how to create a tool for this purpose...
I thought about it and I thought about it... I went to bed with these thoughts
and a week or two after that I waked up with this idea about the screen-boards.

then I supplied it with the GOOD QUALITY brainstorming.
Out of my ideas in this package came all existing screen boards,
Windows Ubuntu, extensions for the TV and much more!

My work covered all related to the screen-boards themes and gave them the PERSPECTIVE...

And it wasn't just the ideas which I shared! -
I paid more than 15 000 $ in the process!
I paid 11 500 00 $ just for the PCT application (Patent Cooperation Treaty application) to protect my author-inventor's rights around the Earth for three years!!!

Yet, I can't find investors anywhere, though I paid to my patent agents for the Premium Site and for the marketing - to sell my ideas to the big companies

but these "gentlemen" took it for free!

P.S.: the same applies to the Nexus One
which boldly advertises their product right here on YouTube.
the same applies to T-Mobile, Samsung and others
which continue to do it on TV

Gentlemen, check your conscience, - is it fair to leave the inventor of the screen-boards without any compensation?


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