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Introduction to Screencasts

21,868 views 2 years ago
A quick look at what screencasts are and why we are using them for engineering courses. Please explore our playlists for topics in fluids, thermodynamics, heat transfer, kinetics, and much more. Made by faculty at the University of Colorado Boulder, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. Show less
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Engineering Computing Play

A channel dedicated to computing in engineering, specifically on using Excel and other software to aide in engineering calculations.

Fluid Mechanics Play

Screencasts covering topics in fluid dynamics and transport phenomenon.

Are you using a textbook? We have organized videos according to "Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics (B.R. Munson et al. 6th Ed)"

Check out www.learncheme.com for table of contents and organized videos.

Heat Transfer Play

Screencasts covering topics in heat transfer (conduction, convection, radiation).

Kinetics/Reactor Design Play

Screencasts covering topics within Chemical Engineering Kinetics/Reactor Design. Topics include Intro to reactors, reactor sizing, rate laws/stoichiometry, isothermal reactors, non-isothermal reactors, multiple reactions, catalysts, rate data, and Athena Software.
Are you using a textbook? Videos organized according to "Essentials of Chemical Reaction Engineering" (H. Scott Fogler) at www.learncheme.com

Material and Energy Balances Play

(Closed Captions for each video are available). Screencasts covering topics in chemical engineering Material and Energy Balances. Topics include engineering calculations, process variables, single unit material balances, multiple-unit material balances, equations of state, phase equilibrium, energy balances, and balances involving reactions.
Are you using a textbook? Check our website for suggested organization and videos per chapter.

Materials Science Play

Screencasts covering topics in Materials Science.
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