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Tool: Analyzer for Microsoft Access (cc) music by Mark Davis + Developer Project

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What is in my Access database? Free Analyzer for Microsoft Access documents and analyzes Access databases. The Analyzer reports table names, field names, data types, sizes, properties ... and much more.

This 5-minute video shows you the tip of the iceberg.

The Analyzer is a free download here:


The Analyzer is for everyone! ... whether you are new to Access or a seasoned developer.

The Analyzer is menu-driven and easy to use. It generates essential reports with important information about your database(s). The Analyzer also makes available its data for you to use however you wish.

Are you a developer? Help expand the Analyzer for Microsoft Access. Join us on CodePlex!

1. Join www.CodePlex.com
2. Send email with your username to strive4peace2010 at yahoo.com
Also mention your name, screen name, reason to be on team, experience with Access (all levels welcome), and location ... thank you

To learn about Access, read my free Access Basics book

and watch the videos here (then others):

Learn Access Playlist on YouTube

*** Original Music ***
Mark Davis (CyberCow) - Microsoft MVP for Access and member of the Analyzer for Microsoft Access development team

happy documenting!

Warm Regards,

(: have an awesome day :)
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