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The LKL Maths Art Seminars

Simon Morgan Art, Aesthetics and analysis of image Play

When we see shapes we make sense of them, capturing the essence amid the details, seeing the wood not just the trees. This relates to the notion of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts and Gestalt psychology dating from the pre-computer era. It also places the consideration of visual aesthetics into the context of objects or images as a whole. A drawing or painting will capture an essence of the subject without reproducing every detail.
With a view to generating more questions than answers, we shall explore connections between ideas of Gestalt psychology theories of perception to the way computers now use mathematical functions to analyze and process images.

Tony Mann: Some Uses Of Mathematics In Fiction Play

Tony examines some of these literary uses of mathematics. It looks at some illustrative examples from Plath to Borges and the Oulipo, mentions some of the recent crop of diverse and fascinating mathematical novels, and discusses some of the issues that arise from this meeting of disciplines.

Nick Sayers geodesic shelters from estate agent boards Play

Estate agents' signs dominate the urban landscape. Artist Nick Sayers has discovered an alternative use for them: as building materials for geodesic shelters and playhouses!

An LKL Maths-Art seminar by Nick Sayers which took place on Thursday 14 April 2011, at the London Knowledge Lab, WC1N 3QS
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