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LEDtronics-Did You Know Ep 6-LEDtronics is the Custom Retrofit Solution Provider of LED Lighting

811 views 2 years ago
Over the course of 3 decades LEDtronics has become renowned for our skill in creating custom and retrofitted LED solutions. We have pioneered the way for LED technology since 1983 and therefore have the experience to customize products for nearly any application.

The CLCX Locomotive Company came to us needing a special ground light to replace their existing incandescent bulbs. The current bulbs were wasting power and creating a safety hazard by insufficiently lighting the outer area of the locomotive. Ledtronics designed a custom bulb that would withstand the high-shock and vibration of the locomotive, while consuming nearly 90% less power. This railroad step light has now been made a standard LEDtronics product.

LEDtronics has also created custom solutions to preserve historic architectural elements in the Pasadena Public Library.

The Library had over 30 historic pendant lights hanging from its vaulted ceiling. LEDtronics' goal was to retrofit the fixtures with a bulb that would reduce the maintenance cost of the hard-to-reach lights, reduce energy consumption and improve the quality of light for their patrons. LEDtronics successfully replaced the 900-watt bulbs with 95-watt custom clusters that would reduce maintenance by increasing sustainability.

Over the years, many cases like these have allowed LEDtronics to increase its understanding and efficiency when creating new custom products. The LEDtronics team works together to not only create successful custom solutions, but to also guide each client through the process and ensure long-lasting satisfaction. Show less
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