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Kriss Morton

Alaskan Steampunk is is able to see clearly despite the cold!

109 views 8 months ago
Kriss went for a walk, it was cold every thing was freezing but her new welding goggles with a shiny brass bee carving from http://steampunkgoggles.com comes to the rescue again for the Alaskan Steampunk!!

Alaska is a land of cast tundras, lonely cabin dwellers and ninja assassin squirrels. Oh and basil eating moose. On top of scraping ice off your windshield, steampunk goggles keep your eye site clear...just I case something comes out from lurking in the snow drifts.... Kriss had no clue just what a find these steampunk goggles would be! Until they came...


Don't forget to grab your pair while you can at http://steampunkgoggles.com and use TRIBERR1 for $5 off a $30 or more purchase and also recieve free shipping! Come on... say WOOT with me
Check out more over at CabinGoddess.com during my month of STEAMPUNK'D - http://cabingoddess.com/cat... as well as
other members videos - Andi-Ro's video -- http://youtu.be/KGPPk_FHgJM
Quirky Chrissy's Steampunk'd Pumpkins! http://goo.gl/Pz52PP
LA-Story, Stevie Wilson's video on how to get that Steampunk Look! http://www.youtube.com/watc... and http://youtu.be/ArCTiEQAW5w
and our resident Comic Movie maker with his Steampunkgoggles - The Comic Movie Introducing The Steampunk Heroes! http://youtu.be/laXEsV4xOpY
This is a sponsored post! I opened my mail up and saw that I had been invited to participate in Triberr's campaign for SteamPunkGoggles.com. Considering my obsession since reading 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and now am a steampunk junky (literature, Graphic novels, LARP, Cos-play, formal teas, webisodes, ideology... Cons.. ya obsession) I jumped in with both feet! Show less
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