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The family of permanent magnet motors manufactured by Kollmorgen offers an extremely wide variety of size and package types. From frameless pancake motors to high acceleration housed/shafted motors, Kollmorgen offers the most complete range of high performance motors available today. When you combine our vast selection of motors with our family of high performance servo drives or stepper drives, we can satisfy your most demanding application requirements and help you build a better machine, faster.

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Kollmorgen offers a complete set of drives that offer advanced control technology, industry-leading performance, and simple commissioning. We've put more torque and more features into a smaller package, so you can create a more compact and capable machine or vehicle. Choose from a broad selection of servo, stepper and vehicle drives in a wide range of input voltages and output power levels.

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Sobre Kollmorgen Corporation

Líder em Equipamentos e Sistemas para Controle de movimento em Máquinas de Alto Desempenho (OEM), com Presença Global.

Presente no Brasil desde 2007 e sede em São Paulo, SP, a Kollmorgen conta com equipe de engenharia e suporte técnico, vendas, estoque e logística, além de contar com uma filial em Jaraguá do Sul, SC, para melhor atendimento regional.
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